Printing Services Mississauga: Tips and Resources

Your printed marketing materials say a lot about you.

Printing Services Mississauga: Tips and Resources

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Using a home copier with flimsy paper stock to copy your marketing materials gives an amateurish impression, while a using a top-quality printer with thick paper stocks lends an impression of professionalism.

Business printing is a lot like preparing for an important presentation. You want to show that you put enough thought and care into how you present yourself and your company. Here are six tips and resources for professional printing to help instill confidence in your clients and business prospects.

1. Have you heard about variable data printing?
Often shortened to VDP, variable data printing is a digital process that allows companies to customize their advertising materials and tailor them to the customers who receive them. The idea behind it is to increase open rates and connect with recipients on a more personal level.
VDP allows for certain text, graphics, and images to be customized during a print job without slowing down the production. This is often used for sending letters to customers when a personal reply would be appreciated, or for sending out invoices. It can also be used for direct marketing to consumers, advertising, and the addressing of items such as postcards and brochures.

Talk to us and we will take you to the next level.

2. The importance of font choice in any printing job
One of the most important choices that can be made about a printing design is the choice of which fonts to use. We may not always consciously realize it, but fonts are frequently what draw people to look at printed matter. Striking graphics might first catch their eyes, but it's important they will be able to read what it says.
With that in mind, there are many choices that a business and its printing company must make about font choices. 
Of course, Cankopy can always advise on which fonts are best for which purpose.

3. Making catalog printing pay for itself
In order for a catalog to be successful, it must be attractive to potential customer or clients. This can be done by having a cover photograph, or set of images, that are pleasing to the eye and will encourage people to pick it up. The colors used in the catalog should ideally match the colors that appear in the company logo, as this helps increase brand recognition. The items listed should be easy to read and the overall look should not be cluttered, so allow for a lot of white space. The product descriptions should also be appealing and give all the information a consumer needs to make an educated decision.
Make a visit, our professionals can advise you on all aspects of catalog printing to ensure they get the best return on their money.

4. Printing needn’t cost a ream
There are many occasions on which a business may need items to be printed by a commercial printing services company. In-house printing is not suitable in all instances and sometimes a company needs a high quality product. This could be for such means as annual reports, important advertising campaigns, business cards, and office stationery.
Money invested in hiring a professional printing company will usually be more than returned in the form of more business, but there are other ways to save on the printing process. A business can prepare its own graphical files in advance on company desktop computers. Those who design them simply need to make sure they save them in a format used by their print company.
Our printing specialists can suggest other ways to stick to a budget, such as advising on a slightly lower quality of paper or limiting the number of colors used on a project – a practice that can often result in a better looking final design anyway.

5. Professional printing could be just the ticket
Tickets are, of course, a means to get into an event. However, the design of a ticket can make the difference between a successful event and a mediocre event, as the way a ticket looks can often encourage more people to buy one. The cankopy is well aware of this and can help event organizers design tickets that will appeal to the greatest number of people possible.

6. Printing the perfect catalog
There are all sorts of reasons why a company would want to print a catalog. A catalog can be a manual, an annual report, or a pamphlet. They are used to sell products, highlight company successes, and even train employees. A catalog is a very important marketing tool because it can dictate whether or not people will buy from a company.

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Printing Services at Cankopy
Discover a wide array of printing services for every need. Our team members are ready to help you with print solutions that bring your ideas to life.
Cankopy is proud to be one of the oldest names in the commercial printing services segment of Mississauga. The foundation pillars for the company are dedication to customers, high quality printing, personal and reliable service, quick turn-around time, hands-on managers, who understand print needs and deadlines, and competitive price.

And, if you need your order in a hurry: We boast a tremendous turnaround time, including one day.

How we do it
Understand: By taking the time to fully understand your print needs, we will make suggestions that will ensure you receive fantastic results and a cost effective price. We will discuss our ideas with you and ensure you are given a quotation you can rely on with no unexpected costs!
Advise: We will advise you on the best materials and printing procedures for your project and can supply free stock samples to help you to visualise your project.
Manage: Prior to printing we will thoroughly check all your artwork files to ensure there are no nasty surprises! We’ll advise on any file issues prior to printing and help to iron out any problems if needed.
Produce: We have a massive amount of production capability, whether it’s a fast turnaround digital project, a larger lithographic print run or large format printing, we’ll ensure your final project is printed perfectly and on time.
Deliver: Cankopy can deliver your final item to almost anywhere in the Canada.

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