Cheques & Business Cards

Tired of the Bank overcharging you for cheques?

Tired of the Bank overcharging you for cheques?

Save money, time and hassle when you buy Cankopy's cheques. We offer cost saving prices when compared to traditional bank cheques in Canada. To ensures there’s no bank middleman, and make our process even faster and safer than that of most banks, you can order and pickup directly from us.

We only use the most secure cheque stock available in Canada, with all of the latest, most advanced security features and formatting approved by the Canadian Payments Association (CPA). Also, you can quickly and easily re-order your cheques online using our quick cheque re-order form.

For Business Cards, we offer professionally printed, high-quality cards leave a lasting impression on your business customers and are one of the best marketing tools you have.Let Cankopy help you design and print the perfect business card for your prospects and potential customers, we offer all sorts of sizes, shapes and finishes and will strive to have your highest demands met.